Business and Life Coach

for Coaches

I help coaches create a successful business while growing from 0 through 7 figures and all of the things they struggle with professionally and personally on that path.


*Currently accepting general coaching clients

Samantha Siffring

Business Coach for Moms | CEO, Samantha Siffring Coaching

“Breian is the master of the brain of the coach who is scaling to millions.”

She saw me through some dark days in my business and helped me manage my mind around safety with money, the terror of big scaling decisions, and raising my self concept to that of a multi-million dollar coach. I am so grateful to have worked with Breian and I recommend her OFTEN!

Kristen Carder

Certified Life Coach | Founder + CEO, I Have ADHD

“I know a good life coach when I see one, which is why I reached out to Breian and asked her to take me on as a 1:1 client.”

Let me tell you, the insight, encouragement, and practical help she gives me every week is incredibly valuable to me personally and to my business…so much so that I hit the 7-figure mark while under her care. I highly recommend you invest in coaching with Breian, you definitely won’t be disappointed!

Kim Job

Business Strategy Coach & Creator of Soul Stories

“Breian is one of the best coaches I’ve worked with.”

What I appreciated the most about her was that she never had an agenda.  She lets me go slow and talk about what matters to me. And on top of that, she’s wicked smart and draws on her experience to expertly guide me in my business.

Scaling your Coaching Business?

I've got you.

As a Business and Certified Life Coach, and as a Contracted CFO, I have the expertise and understanding of the professional and personal obstacles you face while you are scaling your business.

Through personal 1:1 coaching, I can help you increase your profits, analyze business decisions to identify and address the real issues, manage your mindset and build your seven figure self concept.

Heidi Bollard and Natalie DuLaney

Nutrition and Life Coaches | Butter Your Macros

“Breian Elliott is like lasik for your business. It’s YOUR vision, improved. More clear. More focused.”

We’ve tried business coaches…and programs…and masterminds…and courses, without much to show for it. Since working with Breian we’ve had MORE direction, productivity and revenue while working and stressing LESS. We understand our finances, marketing and processes like never before. We absolutely love working with Breian!

Deirdre Van Nest

Founder, Crazy Good Talks

“I think it's hard to find someone who has great business sense and also great mindset awareness. Breian combines both!”

She has a unique ability to laser in on what is really at the core of an issue and the mindset that is holding you back. She is empathetic and kind but works with me to get the job done. As I’m taking my solo business and turning it into a full company, she has helped me develop my leadership skills and continue to uplevel my mindset so I can run this type of organization. Breian has given me a place where I can take the things that scare and concern me, and then still have the courage to go out and execute to grow my business. 

Ashley Monk

CEO of Onya, Online Advertising Company

“Before working with Breian one of the greatest challenges I had was with my mindset and working within my business.”

So often I found myself worked up, struggling to sleep at night, worrying about my clients, feeling overwhelmed in how to manage my time, myself and my team with all the plates I had in the air. Our work together enabled me to manage my time (which helped me stay sane), and the business profitability. It also allowed me to remove the worry and intrusive thoughts that really kept me feeling stuck. If you’re wrestling with overwhelm, how to make effective decisions in your business, and manage the growth you’re experiencing, Breian can help you tackle all of these areas so you can begin to build a life and business you love.

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