Author: Breian Elliott

The Light is Coming.

Sometimes you can experience an emotion with such depth and intensity, that it feels like your body might actually tear into pieces…or…implode…or…something. There are not


People talk about boundaries a lot. Boundaries are a very misunderstood relationship tool. A boundary creates a CLEAR line of emotional or physical space between

Trusting Yourself

I have been coming up against myself really hard these past two weeks. It has been almost unbearable. What I have been struggling with the

Parenting Manuals

A manual is a book of instructions. It tells you how something works. When we follow manuals, we expect that things will work how they

Living in Overwhelm

Do you find yourself in a constant state of Overwhelm? The dictionary defines Overwhelm as to bury or drown beneath a huge mass, defeat completely

The Problem with Blame

When we blame someone, we are assigning responsibility to someone else. We are delegating power over our feelings to that person. Usually it is not

Just BE

Sometimes we struggle to just BE. To BE who we are, BE where we are, BE what we are. To BE present with ourselves and