Being unnoticed

Do you ever think that what you do on a daily basis goes unnoticed? That no one is thankful, or even aware of everything you are doing for your family, your home, your calling, your community?

I have struggled with this through the years, especially as a stay-at-home mother. I often believed that what I did didn’t matter to anyone else. No one saw the hours of sleep I gave up to take care of my kids, the insane amount of constant work it took to take care of the home, how much laundry I was doing, how many hours I was holding crying babies, how many doctors’ appointments I was going to, or the time I spent enforcing appropriate consequences to teach responsibility that made more work for me and just made my children angry. 

Parenthood is full of selfless, unseen service. The most feedback we generally get as parents is from our children who only really “pipe up” when they are unimpressed or want something that you are standing in the way of.  It just not great feedback to keep your spirits high.

Whether in parenting or any other area of your life, thinking that you, and your efforts are unnoticed, feels lousy. It can make you question the value and purpose of all you do. 

I agree with Molly Claire who said: 

“Just because no one notices today, doesn’t mean it doesn’t matter tomorrow.”

Yes. Even when it gets hard, the “unseen” work of our lives is valuable and important. Do it for YOU, do it if YOU want to, and do it for those you love…even if it goes unnoticed. The unseen benefits of today have future blessings. 

When I stop worrying about whether anyone is noticing the work I do, and instead, stay focused on WHY I HAVE CHOSEN to do it, I am able to remember the immense importance of the seemingly small unnoticed tasks that change the lives of those I love and change my life in the process.


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