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Trusting Yourself

I have been coming up against myself really hard these past two weeks. It has been almost unbearable. What I have been struggling with the

Being unnoticed

Do you ever think that what you do on a daily basis goes unnoticed? That no one is thankful, or even aware of everything you

Let it BE

“That is Cancer.” “Of course, it is.” Was my thought. I could see exactly what the doctor was looking at on the monitor. I was

Emotional Freedom

I used to believe that my chances of being happy or sad were dependent on the people in my life (and their behaviors), my health,

Do you like Your Story?

Everybody loves a good story. Whether they read it, listen to it, or see it unfold on a movie screen…people love good stories. A well-crafted

Do You Like You?

I have been a self-loather for as long as I can remember. I believed that not liking yourself was the “right” way to be. That

Discomfort Either Way

Today I woke up and went to the gym. I was not feeling very motivated to go and I was having some dread about how