Do you like Your Story?

Everybody loves a good story. Whether they read it, listen to it, or see it unfold on a movie screen…people love good stories. A well-crafted story can make the seemingly boring and routine in life become compelling and interesting. But what if the story isn’t good? What if it is engaging and believable, but also defeating, dark and full of pain?

The truth is we are all great storytellers. We tell a story to ourselves all day long in our brains about the world around us, our past, our present and our future. We are, of course, the main character of this story and everyone and everything else is part of a never-ending focused novel about us. We live this story out in our head, and we create it into reality in our life. We do this with our thoughts.

Too often we believe the story our brain has created deeply and without question. This works as long as the story isn’t limiting us or creating results we don’t want in our lives…but too often it is.

For example, as a mother of 6 children my main character (me) was often writing a dramatic story of how I was sinking from my kids making me miserable with their constant fighting, my days leaving me lost with no time for myself and my spirit trapped in a human body that is less than perfect. It was a real page turner of pain.

Think about the story you are telling yourself right now about your life. Are you the victim or the hero of your story? Is yours a novel where the main character (you) is helpless and powerless living at the mercy of everyone and everything around you? Are you never good enough or continually doomed to failure? If so, you may want to consider doing some serious editing to your story. A complete re-write if needed. You are the author. You can create the story you want.

You are going to believe whatever story you tell yourself. Try Being someone who makes it a good one!


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