Just BE

Sometimes we struggle to just BE. To BE who we are, BE where we are, BE what we are. To BE present with ourselves and our lives. Instead we spend our “MIND’S TIME” in the future, the past, or in drama about the present, but just not really HERE.

I am a big planner and I like improving, evolving and growing, but I have found that there can be two different motivations for this, and they don’t produce the same results.

Motivation #1.- I can BE me, and it is so fun and interesting to experience growth and create change. I like this motivation.

Motivation #2.  I am uncomfortable BEing me, and I want to change into some “better” version of myself to get away from the discomfort. I am not a fan of this motivation. When I get this way, this discomfort driving me is usually a feeling of failure, disappointment or shame.

Why is it so hard just BEing where we are? Because we think that BEing there (our future us) will somehow be better than here or we might believe that where we were (our past) is part of the reason it is difficult to be here now.

When we are unable to just BE HERE, now, with ourselves, our lives, etc., we will actually find it harder to BEcome who we want to BE in the future. You see, once we get “there,” we will be still be in the habit of not BEing “here” at that point as well.

So how do you get better at just BEing? Practice.

Today, right now, the opportunity for you to BE who you are, where you are, is yours. Take it. You might be fascinated to find yourself in an amazing place already.


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