Sharing is the Best!

Today, July 4th2019, is my 40th birthday. 

It’s a big day. Especiallyif you are me, because I love my birthday. 

You may think I love my birthday because it is “my” day and It is “all about me” but you would be wrong. I actually SHARE this day and that is why I love it so much.

You see, I was born on my older brother’s 8th birthday (what a great gift for him). Since that day he has “shared” his birthday with me. I have never heard him complain about sharing with me, in fact, he has always seemed more than happy about it, and so have I. When I was younger, I would have “birthday breakfast” and he would have “birthday dinner”. Eventually, we just started celebrating at the same time. It is the best, because sharing your birthday is awesome.

America happily “shares” it’s special Day with me too, seeing how I was born on Independence Day and all. I grew up in Canada but felt like me and the entire country had a special bond…and we do. The USA and I are both obsessed with fireworks. I love them! In fact, right now, as I write this, I am sitting in my office, looking out the window, watching the fireworks and listening to the booming across the sky. It’s pure magic to me. 

When people find out that I share a birthday with my brother and that I am a “liberty baby”, they often ask if I hate “sharing” my birthday. Nope! Lucky me, it never crossed my mind to hate it. I am always a little surprised by this question because I think “sharing your birthday is the best!” That is what makes it so special for me. My thoughts about sharing are positive. 

I have heard so many people complain about their birthday. They hate that is it too close to or on a holiday, or they have another family member who has the same birthday, or they have to work that day, or some other version of complaining. I could have at any point chosen to think this same way, but didn’t. It seemed to suck the joy out of your special day to share. In fact, I kinda feel sorry for everyone who doesn’t get to share their special day, because it’s super cool (or so I think).

Every year I look forward to my birthday because I like SHARING. How do you feel about sharing? Did you know you could love it? Try liking it. I do, and I am glad that I choose to BE someone who does, because it feels like magic every year. Its my gift to me!


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