So, I can just love myself?!

Did you know that you are allowed to love yourself? Right now, in this very moment? Exactly as you are?

I used to believe that this was not true. I used to think that I couldn’t truly love myself until I had become something better than I was right now.

Self-love was like a fairytale. A Once upon a time…but my time was far into the future, and there were a lot of once’s ahead of me before I would arrive there.

Once… I had learned to parent my children without yelling

Once…my body was smaller, stronger and prettier

Once…my house was clean and organized

Once… I was the perfect wife

Once… I didn’t make mistakes

Once…I was more faithful

Yes, ONCE ALL THAT happened, THEN… I could love myself.

Do you think this way too? Are you believing the LIE that you are unlovable just how you are today in this very moment? Do you think you have to meet some requirement to pass the self-love test or find the hidden button of worthiness and lovability to press, and then you will finally be given the ability to love yourself?

I was listening to my Life Coach, Brooke Castillo, speak last year. She was talking about her journey from hating her body to loving it completely. She said, “I decided from that moment on to love my body. Period.”

My mind just stopped dead in its “thinking tracks.”

My whole mind went blank and I sat there with my jaw open and in shock. Was she saying that I could just DECIDE to love ME, just how I am and being who I am, and just drop the notion that I somehow had to be “worthy” of my own love?

So, I can just love myself?”

Brilliant. And veryappealing.

I had never considered this was even possible. That you could just DECIDE to love yourself without an accomplishment, milestone reached or a change of some sort, to give you permission to do it. I had spent years of my life TRYING to love myself, instead of just DECIDING to.

I bought it. The whole concept in one big bite. And guess what? It was the best “purchase” my brain ever made.

Is everything perfect now? No, but I am no longer I trying to white knuckle myself to love some “broken” version of me. Now, instead of shame, guilt and disappointment, I more often get to feel love, compassion and confidence. Not because I am perfect, but because I get to love myself regardless of whether I am or not.

BE someone who DECIDES to Love themselves. It is amazing!


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