The Light is Coming.

Sometimes you can experience an emotion with such depth and intensity, that it feels like your body might actually tear into pieces…or…implode…or…something.

There are not words to describe it. The emotional pain has become physical pain, and it is consuming you.

It’s the darkness…before the light.

You may not be able to see if it yet. That’s ok.

You may believe it will never come. That’s alright too.

It IS coming.

That sliver of hope. The possibility of healing.

It IS coming.

Sometimes the light will creep in so slowly you don’t even notice it is there at first. Like the rising sun before it has broken over the horizon.

Sometimes the light will cut through as a tiny ray in the darkness and surprise you. Like a flashlight in the middle of the night.

Less often, the light will appear instantly and flood the whole space dispelling all darkness. Like someone turning the light switch on.

Either way, the light IS coming.

Light overcomes darkness.

It’s ok if you don’t believe it yet.

Even though you can’t see it, the light is still there. Like the sun lighting the other side of the earth at night.

For now, in the dark, you may have to wait for a moment. You may have to take some steps forward even though you can’t see, or you may just have to open your eyes.

There is hope. There is light. I promise.


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