The Waiting Place…Where Everyone is Waiting.

As I work with clients and listen to people around me, I have started to notice how much time people spend WAITING.

Waiting for their spouse to change so they can feel better.

Waiting for Monday so they can start eating healthy.

Waiting for more money so they can start saving for the future.

Waiting for ALL of the facts so they can make a decision.

Waiting to feel motivated so they can begin their project.

Waiting for peace so they can finally let go of their mistakes.

Waiting to lost the last 10 pounds so they can finally love themselves.

Waiting, waiting, waiting. Is that how you want to spend your time? If not, then here is the good news. You can stop waiting right now, because all of the things you are waiting for are available to you already.

We make the mistake of thinking that our life is a HAVE DO BE experience. Meaning, if I have a certain thing (or feeling), then I will do a certain thing, and finally become a certain thing. We think we need to HAVE first. This is why we are in the waiting place. We are waiting for the HAVE to come to us so we can (fill in the blank).

In reality, our life works the opposite of that. The universe doesn’t respond to what I want it to be. It responds to what I currently am thinking it is. Meaning, it is a BE DO HAVE reality. When I am BEinga certain thing, I will then do the certain things that will help me havea certain thing.

So, if you want to stop waiting, you will have to STAND UP and leave the “waiting place” in your BRAIN first. Then, you will do the things that take you from the waiting place into the creating place, which ultimately gives everything you want to have…no more waiting required.


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