Trusting Yourself

I have been coming up against myself really hard these past two weeks. It has been almost unbearable. What I have been struggling with the most is trust.

I have major trust issues with… myself

This is a problem for me, because when I don’t trust myself, I overthink things and become indecisive.  This adds confusion, worry, and doubt to my already busy life.

It is no help at all.

I have always been someone who thinks there is a right way to be, act or behave and of course a right decision to be made.

What if I make a wrong decision? What if my lack of education in this area or naive trust leads to a disaster? What if my intuition is off? Then what?

My brain worries and wonders about questions like these. In coaching, something I have learned that has been very useful to me is to answer the questions your brain is asking. This gives you more leverage over your thinking. When I sat today and asked my lower, reactive brain, to answer the questions above, this is what I came up with.

My brain – Someone will die. (Not likely)

My brain – I will get hurt.  (Perhaps)

My brain – Things will be messier than they should be. (It’s possible)

My brain – I will experience regret, sorrow and frustration. (For sure)

The truth is, I have avoided none of those things I am trying to avoid with my distrust and worry. Instead, what I have done, is made them all more likely in my life. I experience more regret, sorrow and frustration, things are messier than they need to be and I still get hurt.

Yes, all of those things I have tried to avoid; I have only increased in my life indecision and lack of trust in myself.

My brain thinks that not trusting ME is keeping me safe. It is wrong.

The other day husband showed me a picture of a calendar quote that he saw. It reminded him of me. It said, “I overthink; therefore, I don’t know if I am”. That about sums me up. My lack of trust leads me to overthink everything and I end up trusting myself less.

If you struggle with trusting yourself or you worry about making the wrong decisions you are in luck. It is not a permanent problem. You can actually begin to trust yourself, by just deciding to. This is not going to be a comfortable thing when you get started. You will need to work with your thoughts and weed out the ones that are causing you distrust. They are optional. You can decide to trust yourself and learn from your mistakes as you go. You have so much good intuition inside of you waiting to be accessed.

Trust Yourself. You know more than you think you do!


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  1. And this is why we're friends. You're so smart! And I struggle with this all the time! Paralysis by analysis. Because what if I don't know everything and I make the wrong choice. I'm not very good at trusting myself either. But I love what you have to say here!

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