Wanting from Abundance vs Scarcity

Today I am going to be a bit bossy. It’s for your own good (I promise).

Ok, take out a piece of paper. No, seriously, get a piece of paper and a pen. This is worth doing.

Now, write 25 things you WANT on that paper. This may be a challenge for you if you have not spent time dreaming, wanting or wishing lately. That’s ok. Just try.

Are you done?

Now, read through the list. How many things on your list do you already have?

Wait, what? No, you didn’t read that wrong. How many things on the list do you already have?

If your list is full of things you currently don’t have in your life, you are wanting from SCARCITY, a place of not having.

If at least half of your list includes things you currently have in your life, then you are wanting from ABUNDANCE, from already having enough.

Let me explain the difference and why it this important.

To want, is to have desire for something. Wanting is great. It helps us make goals and work toward creating amazing results in our lives. But, most of us have only ever learned how to want from scarcity. When we have wanted something, it is only because we don’t currently have it. Once we get it, we stop noticing that we want it still and then our brain goes to work wanting things it doesn’t have again. 

When we want what we currently have, we are wanting from abundance. Abundance is the opposite of scarcity. When you are abundant, you have enough already, so you want from a place of plenty. You may think that it is hard to want from this place. But it’s not. When people stop wanting things because they have them they feel bored and go into routines functioning on Autopilot. This slows us down on growing and evolving ourselves and our lives into the amazing things they can become.

Wanting what you have may be confused for gratitude. It is NOT the same thing. Gratitude is great, but wanting has a completely different energy to it.

Imagine how wanting the marriage you currently have will keep you showing up with excitement and commitment in it? Imagine how wanting the children you have (remember you did want them before they became so much work) will change how you engage with them. Do you love yourself already? Great! You can keep wanting to love yourself. You will more likely stay in that beautiful place if you do.

Go back to your list and write it again. Make every other item on the list something you want that you already have Because it’s amazing what results you can create in your life when you are BEing someone who wants from abundance.


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