Welcome and How It All Began

I am a Life Coach. 

Even as I write those words and look at them staring back at me on the computer monitor, it seems somehow unreal. I never thought I would be a Life Coach. In fact, I never even knew what a Life Coach was until two years ago. 

I remember the day I was first introduced to Life Coaching. I was recovering from a surgery that I had had 48 hours previous and the recovery was not going well. I was in pain. Lots of pain. A friend had texted me to see how I was feeling and recommended a podcast called Bold New Mom. At the time I was not a podcast listener, but I was also stuck in bed and desperate to distract myself from the pain I was in so I decided to listen. Five minutes into to my first podcast episode by a Life Coach, and I knew I would never be the same. It was like I was being introduced to myself in the future. The person I was at that moment, standing there, as the future me opened a door, and said “come in.” 

And so, I went in. ALL IN!

I started to listen and learning as much as I could about Life Coaching. Everything I was learning was helping me so much in my personal life. I was being transformed. I had never really thought this way, never really considered these possibilities, never really understood this clearly. I joined a Life Coaching program and then I took the leap and decided to make this something I shared with the world. I went to the Life Coach School. 

I am now a certified Life Coach with the Life Coach School and I am still ALL IN. All in for myself, all in for my clients, and all in for YOU. Because I know that the tools I teach will transform you, your relationships, and your entire life if you let them. I want to help you go ALL IN when your future self opens the door and invites you to “come in.” Because let’s face it, your future is going to be amazing!


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