What is in Your Bag of Thoughts?

Do you know what you are thinking? Actually thinking?

One of the Life Coaching Tools I use for myself and my clients is called a Thought Download. Thought downloads are very useful for helping us see the thoughts we have inside our minds and to begin the process of recognizing why we are getting the current results we have in our lives, good or bad.

I want you to think about your thoughts as sentences in your brain, because that is exactly what they are. Sentences you think. When we do a thought download, we are simply downloading those sentences from our brain, onto a piece of paper.

 This doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be paragraph or point form. It can be written on your phone, a piece of paper, a computer, or the back of an electricity bill if needed. You can do it while waiting to pick up a child, or sitting in a quiet space.

Personally, I like to sit down and set a timer for 2-10 minutes and just write. I write down anything that comes to my mind about a concern I have,  my relationships, a decision I am trying to make, a goal I want to accomplish, and sometimes about nothing specific at all.

You might wonder why you need to write it down? Let me give you an example –

Imagine, its Halloween night and a child comes home from trick or treating with a full bag of candy. If you asked them “what is in your bag?” Could they answer you correctly? They may know a few specific candies that they remember being given that night, but the true individualized items are unknown to them even though they took the time to go door to door and collect the contents of that bag. The Halloween ritual for most children involves pouring out all of their candy onto the floor so they can see what really is inside that bag.

This is why writing is the essential part of a thought download. That is how you can actually see what you are thinking.

If you take the time to “pour out your bag of thoughts” by writing them down, you will BEcome someone who is aware of what they are thinking, and this is where the possibility for change begins. Give it a try!


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